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Company's History
Established in 1959.

Well, This company was originally started by my father "Rocky Jackson" in the late 1950's

in Sooke, BC Canada.
Hence, the name "Roc-Key's Locksmith.
My Father retired in 2010 and I took over the business, I later changed the name to

"Roc-Key's Mobile Locksmith.

Back in the day, when I was old enough to understand what my Father was doing,

I became very interested in my Fathers work.
Around 1975 I really took an active interest in this trade.
Over the years while riding with him often doing some of the Leg Work,

Removing and Replacing the locks in apartment buildings that he had Re-keyed or

Repaired and such I learned the "In's and Out's" of the Locksmithing Trade.

By the late 80's I convinced my father to train me on the job and was licensed

via the "Grand Father Clause".
Since then I have worked in the trade on and off and I find myself still doing it...

So, That's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL

Alex Jackson
Roc-Key's Locksmith
Roc-Key's Mobile Locksmith

With all the Bogus Website links Online these days leading you off to some Call Center in

Kookamonga some where, Feel Free to Click Here for "Piece of Mind" and see that I am

Legit, Local and I hold an A+ Rating on the BBB Website...

Need a Locksmith in Lillooet or the surrounding area ?  Call / Text Me: (250) 870-0962

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